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/me joins EnterpriseDB!

I could not be happier... After I decided to leave markafoni, and when I started to look for a new job, EnterpriseDB approached me very nicely, and now I'm a part of that great team. I'd like thank Ed, Karen, Bruce and Tom (Kincaid) for their great support during this process. I'm really, really, excited. Let's see what I'll add to EnterpriseDB.

Wow, really excited!

PostgreSQL Live CD for 9.0.2 released

I released initial version of my PostgreSQL 9.0 live CD, which is based on CentOS 5.5. It includes the PostgreSQL related packages that I build for, along with PostgreSQL 9.0.2.

Details are here:

You can add an encrypted home directory while burning iso to USB stick, which helps you to keep your personal data in your USB stick.

This live CD has current versions of many software, like pgAdmin III, phpPgAdmin, Apache, PHP, GNOME, Pidgin, Firefox etc., along with tons of PostgreSQL related packages.

Kickstart file is configurable, so you can also create your own PostgreSQL Live CD's fairly easily.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this live CD.

How To Build Your Own PostgreSQL (and related software) RPMs on CentOS/RHEL/Fedora

Even though there is a wide range of RPMs for PostgreSQL and related projects in the repositories, some people don't want to use prebuilt options, or may apply some specific patches. Also, some companies prefer to build their packages from srpms, per their IT policy -- so they maintain their own packages.

This is very easy if you use the PostgreSQL RPM Repository infrastructure. Now, I will go over the details for it. Continue reading "How To Build Your Own PostgreSQL (and related software) RPMs on CentOS/RHEL/Fedora"