I got enough e-mails/IM messages/IRC messages nowadays about Planet PostgreSQL. Time to explain what happened:

The server that host(ed) Planet PostgreSQL went down on Wednesday night. Unfortunately we don't have any backups. I installed a new and more powerful server yesterday afternoon. The aggregator is up -- however people.planetpostgresql.org is not up yet. I'm still working on it (I installed mine for testing).

At the same time, Magnus asked me to point www.planetpostgresql.org to the planet site he developed over the last few months. I first did it, however after thinking about it a bit, I did not want to host it at a community server. I was told that Planet PostgreSQL will be removed from postgresql.org website, if it is not hosted at a community server -- and I reverted DNS change. PostgreSQL.org webpage is now being fed from a different domain.

Planet has never been hosted at a community server (we hosted it at a CMD server, which CMD donated to community, but that is a different story) -- and at the same time, it fed postgresql.org homepage! I can understand that community now changed their decision, but I must say that I'm really annoyed with the result.

Over the last 4 years, Planet PostgreSQL was a great success -- we encouraged people to blog, and we had really high-quality articles from various bloggers. We had core members, developers, etc.

Now, we won't feed PostgreSQL.org homepage -- but I will continue this service.

Stay tuned.



  • Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum  
    Quote: "we had really high-quality articles"

    Yes, but this articles are gone. At least all articles which was hosted at people.planetpostgresql.org. Google counts more than 3000 hits for the hosted blogs.

    So maybe other people - the same people who wrote or linked this articles - are really annoyed too?

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