Given the recent Covid-19 outbreak, PGDG (PostgreSQL Global Devrim Group) recently announced a few updates to the project:
- We are skipping PostgreSQL 13. Looks like 13 was not the luckiest number (at least for this year), so we decided to move to PostgreSQL 2020. This was suggested by the community members who still think that Postgres95 was a great name. As a consequence of this, "Postgre" will be now accepted as another nickname. Changing the name is still under discussion, so "Postgres 2020" is also in the radar.

- Windows packages will be under quarantine for 2 weeks to avoid outbreak. There have been some reports from Windows users that their servers are contaminated, so we removed the packages for 2 weeks as a precaution. Looks like there is a bit misunderstanding at some point, but nevermind. Better safe than never.

- Until further notice, we ask our community not to travel with Slonik. Slonik is still young, and we need to protect our lovely elephant. Please follow #SlonikTravels hashtag for more details. One of our Slonik was grounded when it was stuck in an A380 cockpit. We will rescue it as soon as the aircraft flies again.

- As of April 2nd, we will not use #BlameMagnus hashtag until further notice. We think it is not fair to blame a single person nowadays. Please follow @BlameMagnus for details and updates.

- Per recommendation from WHO (World Hamburger Organization), the steaks will be well done until further notice. French folks stated their objection, but a Turkish guy stood strongly against them (he lives in the UK though, weird). Please follow #SteakDevrim and @SteakDevrim for details.

- Please try connecting your #PostgresFriends during these hard days.



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