Recently I added consul and haproxy packages to PostgreSQL RPM repository to support Patroni installations. The main motivation is to provide latest and greatest versions of these packages. However, these packages may break existing installations, like HAProxy 1.8.4 RPM on RHEL 8, where we provide 2.5.4 as of now.

So, in order not to break some users' environment, I added new repos:
- RHEL 9: pgdg-rhel9-extras

- RHEL 8: pgdg-rhel8-extras

- RHEL 7: pgdg-rhel7-extras

All of them are available in all architectures we support. Make sure that you have the latest repo RPMs to use them.

These repos are disabled by default. Please edit repo file or use yum/dnf's config manager CLI to enable them.

More packages may be added in the future.

Please contact us if you see any issues (Requires community login).


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