The naming game: PostgreSQL or Postgres?

It has been discussed several times. Our "official" name is PostgreSQL, but now many many developers/users call it "Postgres" (Not Postgre!).

Actually, I like "PostgreSQL" more than the other one, but I am not against calling it Postgres. But at some point, we should stop calling our database with two different names.

Since Postgres is the preferred word among many developers, I suggest to change our name from PostgreSQL to Postgres in near future... Maybe just before 8.3...

8.2.3 RPMs for RHEL 5 released + some other package news

I have just uploaded PostgreSQL 8.2.3 RHEL5 RPMs to main FTP site. The

set includes a compat-4 RPM, so that you will not get dependency

errors. Please follow the regular major upgrade procedure while you are

upgrading from 8.1 set that is shipped with RHEL5.

More news... I pushed my first package (postgresql-dbi-link) to EPEL.

EPEL is Enterprise Linux Extras. With EPEL, RHEL 4 and 5 users can

install more packages that are community-supported. I also submitted

for inclusion of postgis, pgFouine, phpPgAdmin, python-psycopg2 in EPEL.

I hope to add more packages that will help RHEL/Fedora+PostgreSQL users.

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