More PostgreSQL with Fedora and Red Hat

As you know, I have been working on pushing more PostgreSQL software to Fedora and EPEL (Enterprise Linux Extras, the project to add software to RHEL from community) for a long time. So far, we have 8 packages, all with latest versions:


Slony-I, ODBCng and pgpool-ha are under review, and I expect to see them in Fedora and EPEL soon. (Oh, also there is PostGIS in the queue I think (I am blogging offline, so I could not check it right now :-) )

(As a side note: These are not the only PostgreSQL related packages in Fedora. We have pgadmin3, libpqxx, etc. there, also there are some GIS components that has PostgreSQL support --but I do not maintain them.)

Maintaining all of these packages are not that hard -- all I need to do is to keep my eyes on the projects and update packages as new versions are released. Since all builds are done by Fedora build servers, I do not spend any resources for them. I only spend a lot of time on packaging PostgreSQL itself (I am talking about PGDG RPMs) ; however I think I am coming close to automate the builds on my build server (that
needs to be blogged seperately).

What on my list to submit for review is tablelog. (Update: I submitted it now.)

If you know a PostgreSQL related software that is not in Fedora+EPEL and you want to see it there, please drop me an e-mail. If the software is mature enough to work on it, I will be more than happy to spend time on packaging (I am seriously looking for packaging new stuff).

Thanks to Fedora team for reviewing my packages patiently :-)

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