I love PostgreSQL community...

It is one of the times that the words cannot express my feelings...

After PGDay.it, Magnus and Andreas told me that they sent me a package (from Germany). It finally arrived (it took a lot of time to arrive here. Customs thing :-) ) today (Click for larger image):

6 t-shirts, 2 pens, lots of pins, etc etc etc... I felt as if I went to Italy.

But the best gift was not these... It was a postcard (Click for the larger image):

A postcard signed by lots of people from EU PostgreSQL community: Magnus, Andreas, Stefan, Federico, Jean-Paul, Guillaume, Dave, Mitani, Gabriele, David, Marco, Susanne, Torello, Osvaldo, and other guys from there... I could not read all the signatures (yet), please do let me know if your name is there and I'll update this blog entry.

Thanks guys. I love all of you. This is all I can say now. You made me very happy... and also you made Gunes Deniz very happy -- this is the best gift that he got.

... and yes, there is a story behind the postcard:

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Welcome baby...

He finally arrived... Welcome Gunes Deniz Gunduz :-) ... and yes, I have a spec file for him, and I will push it for review to Fedora :-D

New Win32 ODBCng for PostgreSQL released

Command Prompt Inc. released new Win32 version for it's commercially supported PostgreSQL ODBC driver, licensed under the GPL. It's available via


This version is stable and successfully passes all poco ODBC tests:


and most of the perl ODBC tests:


Kudos to Andrei for good work.

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