New version of PostgreSQL 8.3 Live CD released

I updated my PostgreSQL live CD, which is based on Fedora 10. The major change is PostgreSQL 8.3.7 . It includes the PostgreSQL related packages that I build on . This new version includes one new package (pgstat2), and also many updates to the existing packages.

Details are here:

According to web server logs, the previous versions were downloaded more than 4000 times. Also I know that kickstart file was used in some private projects. Thanks everyone for their interest in this live CD.

Now there is an option to add an encrypted home directory while burning iso to USB stick, which helps you to keep your personal data in your USB stick.

This live CD has nearly bleeding edge of many software, like Apache, PHP, GNOME, Pidgin, Firefox etc.

Kickstart file is configurable, so you can also create your own PostgreSQL Live CD's fairly easily, if you have a Fedora-10 machine around.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this live CD.

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