F.A.Q. about latest news

Ok, I got numerous e-mails, and even 2 phone calls since morning. Time to write a F.A.Q. about quitting Command Prompt:

Q: ...
A.: No, don't expect to hear anything negative about CMD from me. Never,ever. I'm not a that type of person.

Q: Are you looking for a job?
A: Definitely :-). But not now. I have to sit and think for a while. I only want to do PostgreSQL +Red Hat thing. Nothing else.

Q: How do you feel?
A: I feel like losing a big part of my family.

Q: What about PostgreSQL RPMs?
A: pgsqlrpms.org domain is owned by Command Prompt. I was paid while maintaining that repository. Now, it is in CMD's hands. I'm sure they will find someone to maintain it. However, I have postgresqlrpms.org domain. If CMD stops maintaining repository, or if I find some funds for maintaining a new repository, I may move all packages to new domain with proper announcement. See? I don't know aything on that.

Q: What about other community tasks?
A: I was involved in PostgreSQL.org infrastructure before I started working for CMD -- so I will continue now, too.

Q: Wanna drink a beer with me?
A: Sure. Just give me a call.

Bye bye Command Prompt.

It has been 50 month since I was hired by Command Prompt. We had really good days. Joshua was not only my boss, but also a great friend of mine, like Alvaro, Lacey, Aurynn, Alexey, Andy, Christine, Larry, Darcy, Andrew, and others.

However, it should end at some point. As of today, I'm no longer working for Command Prompt. Please remove devrim@CommandPrompt.com from your addressbooks.

Thank you for everything Command Prompt, you are really a good part of my life.

If you are curious about PostgreSQL RPMs: Domain is owned by Command Prompt, so it is now in their hands. I have got some plans on this, but it is not something that I want to mention right now.

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