How To Build Your Own PostgreSQL (and related software) RPMs on CentOS/RHEL/Fedora

Even though there is a wide range of RPMs for PostgreSQL and related projects in the repositories, some people don't want to use prebuilt options, or may apply some specific patches. Also, some companies prefer to build their packages from srpms, per their IT policy -- so they maintain their own packages.

This is very easy if you use the PostgreSQL RPM Repository infrastructure. Now, I will go over the details for it.

PostgreSQL RPM sets for 9.0 Alpha4 released

I released PostgreSQL RPM sets for 9.0 Alpha 4 yesterday. They are distributed through PostgreSQL FTP site & mirrors.

Also, they are available via the new PostgreSQL RPM repository: (more on this will come soon)

Please find more info about 9.0 Alpha 4 RPMs in here.

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