Update from PostgreSQL yum repository

Since I started this repository about 3,5 years ago, I have always used the machines that were outside control of the community. Namely, I used a machine that was hosted at Darcy Buskermolen's house for about 2 years, and then after the unrecoverable crash of the machine
I moved everything off to a machine that was in the datacenter of my previous employer, markafoni.

After I started working for EnterpriseDB, we again lost the RPM buildfarm. markafoni was kind enough to provide me images, so I have copies of each VM --but we don't have a machine since then. Actually I purchased a quad core machine with 2 TB disk and 8 GB ram for that, but that is in my home, and it is still not under control of PostgreSQL infrastructure team.

While talking to Ed Boyajian at PGEast, he kindly accepted to donate a machine to the community to be used as the PostgreSQL RPM Buildfarm. I was the bottleneck since then, but we made a progress with Dave Page during PGCon, and probably we will have the new machine up and running over the next month or so.

So, in short: We don't have a dedicated RPM Buildfarm over the last 3,5 months, and it is the only explanation that some of the PostgreSQL releases, 8.3 and 8.2, haven't been updated yet to the latest minor releases.

So, project did not stop, and will not stop -- we just need some more time to fix all issues. I also have a long bug list over the last months, and I'll also fix them as soon as we will have the new machine.

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