Moving PostgreSQL RPM repository to its final location

Just after 3,5 years since its debut, PostgreSQL RPM repository is slowly moving to its final location, which is under

As of now, we are serving 9.1 packages through ( also works, of course). In the next minor release set, all repo files will point to the new URL.

Thanks PostgreSQL infrastructure team for their great help.

Rsync support is available for PostgreSQL RPM repository

Now you can rsync PostgreSQL RPMs, and create your own mirror to use for internal servers. Here are the modules:

$ rsync
pgrpm-81 PostgreSQL 8.1 YUM Repository
pgrpm-82 PostgreSQL 8.2 YUM Repository
pgrpm-83 PostgreSQL 8.3 YUM Repository
pgrpm-84 PostgreSQL 8.4 YUM Repository
pgrpm-90 PostgreSQL 9.0 YUM Repository
pgrpm-91 PostgreSQL 9.1 YUM Repository
pgrpm-92 PostgreSQL 9.2 YUM Repository

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