Are you coming to Prague? I may need a favor from you!

Even if you haven't heard before: I'm a fan of Hard Rock Cafe. Some people claim that I am a bit obsessive about it, but that is a different story.

I am collecting goods from all the HRCs that I go -- t-shirts, pins, drum sticks (yes!), bracelets, etc. However, it is not possible (at least nowadays) to visit all HRCs..., if you are coming to Prague for, and if you live at a place close to your local HRC, I will ask you a pin, shot glasses, two t-shirts (one for my son, one for myself), and some other minor stuff. I don't have unlimited budget, so it will be perfect if you ping me before you go to HRC -- I can give you the details and the budget left.

Thanks! See you in Prague!

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