9.6, or 10.0?

Even though PostgreSQL 9.5 was released not too long ago, we are almost getting closer towards the feature freeze for 9.6.

When Windows support and PITR capabilities were added to 7.5, the community decided to change the major version to 8.0, as it represents a significant changes at those times. Similar thing happened at 8.5 development cycle: We now had in core replication, and it was released as 9.0.

Now, as 9.6 is coming closer, I seriously think that we should release 10.0, not 9.6 (I've been ranting about this on my Twitter account for a while). Following the commit of Parallel sequential scan , subsequent commits for:

- Parallel Joins
- Parallel Aggregation

increased parallelism features.

Another big infrastructure change is Tom's patch on "Making the upper part of the planner work by generating and comparing Paths."

Apart from these, following the commit that changes the VM file format, another commit titled
Don't vacuum all-frozen pages will help us to deploy PostgreSQL in some environments that we could not do before, I think.

To keep it short, I think that these infrastructural changes should result in a .0 release, as we did before.

What do you think?

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