Ok, I got numerous e-mails, and even 2 phone calls since morning. Time to write a F.A.Q. about quitting Command Prompt:

Q: ...
A.: No, don't expect to hear anything negative about CMD from me. Never,ever. I'm not a that type of person.

Q: Are you looking for a job?
A: Definitely :-). But not now. I have to sit and think for a while. I only want to do PostgreSQL +Red Hat thing. Nothing else.

Q: How do you feel?
A: I feel like losing a big part of my family.

Q: What about PostgreSQL RPMs?
A: pgsqlrpms.org domain is owned by Command Prompt. I was paid while maintaining that repository. Now, it is in CMD's hands. I'm sure they will find someone to maintain it. However, I have postgresqlrpms.org domain. If CMD stops maintaining repository, or if I find some funds for maintaining a new repository, I may move all packages to new domain with proper announcement. See? I don't know aything on that.

Q: What about other community tasks?
A: I was involved in PostgreSQL.org infrastructure before I started working for CMD -- so I will continue now, too.

Q: Wanna drink a beer with me?
A: Sure. Just give me a call.

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