Less than 3 days left for PGDay.EU 2010.
For the first time, I will be attending the European PostgreSQL conference. Also, I will be giving a talk on "PostgreSQL Clustering with Red Hat Cluster Suite", which is an improved version of the one that I gave at PgWest 2010.

I was looking at the schedule, and finally I decided on the talks that I'm planning to attend. Unfortunately, there are some German talks that I'd like to attend, but my German is not good enough to attend a talk. Ich kann Deutsch, ich bin hungrig, etc :-)

The first one is "Play chess against PostgreSQL (and get beaten)". I'm also interested in the cloud talk, but I had to pick up one. The next one is the "Managing PostgreSQL Replication", by Simon Riggs. I don't want to miss that. After lunch, I'll probably attend PostGIS talk. I'm not a production-level PostGIS user, but as a packager, I want to listen to Mark.

The next slot is the killer one. Concurrency, Psycopg2 and pg_upgrade ones are all excellent choices. Given that I attended pg_upgrade session at PGWest 2010, I will skip that and go to concurrency talk instead -- or psycopg2, dunno :-)

In the final slot of the first day, I want to attend "PostgreSQL Clustering with Red Hat Cluster Suite" talk. I like the guy who will present this topic.

Of course, I won't miss the EDB party!

Next morning will start with "Developing PostgreSQL Performance". I can't miss it. The next one will be "Why your PostgreSQL 9.0 cluster needs pgpool-II". Before lunch, I will attend Postgres-XC talk. I'm a contributor to that project already as the packager, and I'd like to see the progress.

After lunch, I will attend "MVCC Unmasked" by Bruce, even though I saw it at PGWest. For the final session, I have 2 alternatives: "Statistics in PostgreSQL" and "PgFincore" talks. Probably the former will win.

As always, it will be excellent to be with the PostgreSQL community. See you there!

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