I have an important announcement for 9.0 RPM users.
Because of packaging related issues, I released 9.0.1-6 sets. However, these packages don't actually solve the main problem: An upgrade from previous releases (9.0.1-5 and below) will remove all alternatives links. A workaround is running "yum reinstall postgresql90". (and other 9.0 packages you want). Please note that it does not affect fresh 9.0.1-6 installs. This issue is also valid for 8.4.5+RHEL 6. RHEL 6 RPMs also have parallel installation feature

Please note that yum in RHEL 4 does not have reinstall parameter, so you may end up go on with a fresh install :-(

So, the solution, if you already have 9.0.1 RPMs, is:

yum update postgresql90*
yum reinstall postgresql90*

If you don't do the second step, you will again lose the symlinks - but an upgrade from 9.0.1-6 will definitely won't remove them anymore :-)

Sample output:

[root@koji-rhel6-x86-64-pg90 ~]# yum update postgresql90*

# psql -V
-bash: psql: command not found
[root@koji-rhel6-x86-64-pg90 ~]# yum reinstall postgresql90*

[root@koji-rhel6-x86-64-pg90 ~]# psql -V
psql (PostgreSQL) 9.0.1



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