PGEast is only 1 week away. I'm almost ready to fly to NYC -- cannot wait to see folks in PostgreSQL community.

What? You haven't registered yet! Hurry up: PGEast

Here are my picks for PGEast 2011 for the trainings and 1st day. I will cover the other ones in another post.
This year, I'll give a half-day training on "Applied PostgreSQL Clustering with Red Hat Cluster Suite". Feel free to register to the training, if you'd like to see how do we configure an active/passive PostgreSQL cluster with a shared storage.

As usual, all trainings are interesting -- but I would attend one or two of these, if I weren't giving a training:

When it comes to the talks, it is really hard to choose which one to attend. On 23rd, in the first session, all talks are pretty strong, but since I already attended Robert's and Bruce's talks at PGWest 2010, I'll skip them this time, and attend the "True Serializable Transactions Are Here!", by Kevin Grittner.Alternatively, I may join Peter's talk on "Programming with Python and PostgreSQL".

Fortunately, the next session is the easiest part -- PGEast 2011 keynote! :-)

For the 3rd session of the 1st day, I'll attend Greg's talk on "Scaling PostgreSQL with repmgr". There are 2 more interesting talks in that session, too: The SSL one and the Audit one.

For the 4th session, Defense Against the Dark Arts: Protecting Your Data from ORMs - Vanessa Hurst looks interesting. Also there is a 4square talk, but I'm already annoyed with the people who publish their 4sq updates to twitter :P, so I intend to skip that talk.

For the final session, I'll definitely atttend . Alternatively, Jim Nasby's talk on "Strike it rich! Inheritance for something other than partitioning will be very interesting, I believe.

These are my picks for PGEast 2011, at the trainings and Day-1 talks. See you there!

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