We are towards the end of Day 1 at PGEast, and I wanted to blog about my picks for Day 2 and Day 3:
Day 2:

My day will probably start with "The Write Stuff", by Greg Smith. I haven't been able to attend this talk at PGWest 2011. Alternatively, I could attend pgbouncer or Range Types talks.

In the 2nd session of the day, I'll definitely attend Peter's talk on "Getting Started with PL/Proxy". I never used it, but it might be good to get some ideas on it. Alternatively, I could attend "Large Customers Want PostgreSQL, too!" byt Ken Rosensteel.

I'm not sure about the 3rd sessions yet. I may take a break :-)

In the afternoon, I'll probably attend Andrew's talk on "Creating and Using FDW". However, I'm sure that many people will prefer Magnus' talk on "Data-driven cache invalidation". :-)

Then, there is a round table on "PostgreSQL, and databases in the cloud". It is the only session in that time frame, so I'm assuming that many people will be there.

Finally, I'm planning to attend Slony Internals, by Steve Singer. If you wonder about PostgreSQL Performance Pitfalls, please join Greg's talk.

This ends Day 2.

Day 3:

My day will start with Robert's (Haas) talk on "Intro to WAL", since I'd like to listen to this from him. Alternatively, David's (Fetter) talk on "View Triggers!" or David Christensen's talk on Bucardo might be a good candidates.

If you attend Robert's talk, you'll miss the second line of talks. But if you don't, you can either join Bruce's talk on pg_upgrade, if you haven't seen it already. I'll probably take a look at Jignesh's talk on "Running PostgreSQL on Virtualized Environments".

For the final set before lunch, I'm inclined to enter "Leveraging filesystem snapshots to provide copies of production data for testing", by Jon Erdman.

After lunch, I'm planning to attend "P90X Your Database" by Denish Patel.

This will end the sessions -- and of course, I'll be at the closing session :-)



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