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Moving PostgreSQL RPM repository to its final location

Just after 3,5 years since its debut, PostgreSQL RPM repository is slowly moving to its final location, which is under

As of now, we are serving 9.1 packages through ( also works, of course). In the next minor release set, all repo files will point to the new URL.

Thanks PostgreSQL infrastructure team for their great help.


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Grazvydas on :

What is policy of supporting PostgreSQL packages and distributions? At this time it seems to me little random. 9.0 RHEL/CentOS/Scientific Linux 6 - x86 doesn't contain Postgis, while x86_64 contains. Slony1 is placed in both RHEL 6 versions, but only x86 RHEL 5 repository and so on.
With this I'm lobbying for Posgis RPMs for 9.1, which I can't see yet ;-) Sorry for impatience.

Devrim GÜNDÜZ on :

Actually nothing is random -- however, we had lots of issues in RPM buildfarm over the last few months. Everything is ok now, and I'm trying to find those inconsistencies, and fix them.

I just pushed postgis, slony, phpPgAdmin, pgAdmin3 and other stuff to 9.0 repositories. So, please download and use them :-

9.1 -> PostGIS should be there already.


Bilal on :

Paul, I'm trying apdetad your example to find the longest river inside one basin, so, the result it's exactly the inverse that I need (like your solution), I made some unsuccessfully tests using ST_Reverse() in my geometry, So... Can you help me with this solution? here is my fail logic:-- Create a ViewCREATE OR REPLACE VIEW river_inv AS SELECT river.gid, st_reverse(river.the_geom) AS the_geom FROM river;--Using your queryWITH RECURSIVE walk_network(gid, the_geom) AS ( SELECT gid, the_geom FROM river_inv WHERE gid = 212 UNION ALL SELECT n.gid, n.the_geom FROM river n, walk_network w WHERE ST_DWithin(ST_EndPoint(w.the_geom),ST_StartPoint(n.the_geom),0.01) )SELECT *FROM walk_network;Thanks for shared your knowledge.

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