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PostGIS 2.0.0, RPMs and so.

PostGIS team announced 2.0.0 this week. Kudos to entire team for the great work. It is definitely a milestone both for PostGIS and PostgreSQL.
So, as the packager, I released 2.0.0 RPMs just a day after the release. However, I needed to change package name, to let people be able to pick up 1.5.X or 2.0.X version to use.

The new package name is postgis2 -- but the actual name also contains PostgreSQL major version number:


It is available for PostgreSQL 9.1+ for now. I don't have plans to support 9.0 now, unless there is strong demand for that.


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Guillaume Smet on :

Hi Devrim,

Thanks for your work. Happy to be able to install PostGIS as an extension.


Devrim GÜNDÜZ on :


You are welcome. Yeah, extensions stuff is great.


Brian Panulla on :

Thanks for this! I heard about the release last week, but just got around to looking for the RPMs!

Devrim GÜNDÜZ on :

You are welcome :-)

Gonçalo Valadas on :

The rpms are only in the Centos6 repository. Is it possible to have them for Centos5 please ???

Sam on :

What about CentOS 5? Will you be making it available?

Devrim GÜNDÜZ on :

No. CentOS 5 does not provide enough package versions to build PostGIS 2.0.

Jeroen on :

Thanks for your efforts to create postgis2 rpm's.

Is it possible to create a version with json-c enabled too?


Devrim GÜNDÜZ on :

How is it done?

Jeroen on :

See, with --with-jsondir=DIR configure option.

The reason I'm asking is I need the ST_GeomFromGeoJSON postgis function (


Sam on :

Hi -

Has there been any updates for this.

It would be great to have json-c enabled.

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