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How to install PostgreSQL 9.2 on RHEL/CentOS/Scientific Linux 5 and 6

I thought this is pretty straightforward, but I decided to write this post after getting a few emails recently.

First, download PostgreSQL 9.2 repo package from here. Please pick up the correct repo file per your distro and architecture. If you are not sure about your OS version, run

cat /etc/redhat-release

Install the repo RPM. For example, if you downloaded repo RPM for RHEL 6, here is your command:

rpm -ivh pgdg-redhat92-9.2-7.noarch.rpm

Alternatively, you can install the package directly by using the repo RPM URL:

rpm -ivh

Now, you can install PostgreSQL 9.2 with single command:

yum groupinstall "PostgreSQL Database Server 9.2 PGDG"

This will install PostgreSQL 9.2 server, along with -contrib subpackage. If you don't want -contrib subpackage, you can use

yum install postgresql92-server

to install 9.2 on your machine. Once it is installed, first initialize the cluster:

service postgresql-9.2 initdb

Now, you can start PostgreSQL 9.2:

service postgresql-9.2 start

If you want PostgreSQL 9.2 to start everytime on boot, run this:

chkconfig postgresql-9.2 on



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David A. Leedom on :

My problem is that I find it nearly impossible to install the crypto contrib because of a missing library that I can't find or won't compile. And the pgagent is impossible to install because it requires those graphic libraries that I can never seem to find. Very frustrating. I have been tempted to try to

Have I tried these install? No not yet...I am just complaining to the "cloud".

Devrim GÜNDÜZ on :


Response from the cloud:

re: pgcrypto

After installing -contrib rpm, here is what you need to do:

postgres=# CREATE EXTENSION pgcrypto ;

re: pgagent
Well, it depends on wx packages, which I supply in RPM repo.


Ryan on :

Thank you for having this, couldn't find anything on starting 9.2.

Gurjeet Singh on :

I used pgdg-centos92-9.2-6.noarch.rpm and it seems that the group name is missing '9.2'. The command that worked for me is

yum groupinstall "PostgreSQL Database Server 9.2 PGDG"

Devrim Gündüz on :

Hi Gurjeet,

Right, I had to change it recently, for multi version installation Let me update this post. Thanks for the heads up!

Regards, Devrim

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