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My picks for 2012

I will be attending PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012. It will be a gret pleasure to see folks from the community.

Anyway, here are my picks for the conference:

23 Oct, Tuesday: I urge you to attend "Mastering PostgreSQL Administration" class ;-) Project founder Bruce Momjian and his legman (myself) will be there for a full-day training. Register before we run out of seats.

On Wednesday, after the keynote, I'll attend Bruce Momjian's talk on "Programming the SQL Way with Common Table Expressions" . After that one, I plan to attend Andres' and Simon's talk on "MultiMaster Replication: Applications, Comparison, Implementation "

After lunch, there are two talks that I'd like to attend: Guillaume's talk on "Understanding EXPLAIN's output" and "Using collect for PostgreSQL performance analysis" by Sebastian Harl. Looks like I may pick up the latter. I'll then follow up with Jonathan's talk on Range types, and then stay in the same room for Koichi's talk on "High availability in Postgres-XC, the symmetric PostgreSQL cluster".

On Thursday, I'll either start with Cédric's talk "How fast is PostgreSQL?" or Jonathan's talk on "Marketing PostgreSQL". I will then attend Dimitri's talk on "Implementing HA". After lunch, I'll attend another Bruce Momjian talk: "Inside PostgreSQL Shared Memory". It is definitely a talk that I can listen a few more times. After that one, I'll attend ioguix's talk on "Pacemaker and PostgreSQL", which is one of the things that I work on a lot. Thursday will end with lightning talks.

Friday (the last day) will start with Greg Smith's and Peter Geoghegan's talk on "Beyond Query Logging". Then, I plan to attend "Migrating Oracle Queries to PostgreSQL" by Alexey, my ex-colleague at CMD. Before lunch, I will enter the best talk in this conference: Maintaining Very Large Databases. I also urge you to come to that talk, I like the speaker.

After lunch, I plan to attend Dimitri's talk on "Large Scale MySQL Migration to PostgreSQL". After the break, there are talks from Ed Boyajian, our CEO at EnterpriseDB, Harald's and Simon's talk on "Community PostgreSQL" and then the closing session, for sure.

So, see you there!


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