Last week, PostgreSQL beta 1 was announced. As noted there, there are lots of cool features in 9.4, which needs testing from you.

9.4 RPMs are also out, for sure!

If you are an RPM user, we would like you to test both 9.4 features with the RPMs. The Fedora 20 RPMs have a slight change in unit file: We removed PGPORT variable, which was one of the major complaints over the last few years, including the RHEL 5 and RHEL6 packages. Since RHEL 7 will switch to systemd, testing of Fedora 20 packages is crucial for us.

First, please download the repo package from here. After installing this package, please run

yum install postgresql94-server postgresql94-contrib

which will install the minimum 9.4 stuff for you. Please feel to report bugs to


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