Important stuff is going on in IT industry nowadays.

Given that Microsot is merging bash shell into Windows, PostgreSQL is considering to drop native Windows port.

Core Team member Josh Berkus sent an email to PostgreSQL hackers mailing list the other day, and proposed dropping the Windows port.

Unsurprisingly, he got great support from Tom Lane. Tom wrote a response. Here is a quote from his email:

"Really? Good. I just committed my very last Windows-related fix, then. Somebody else can deal with it."

There are some unofficial reports about Tom that he opened up a champagne bottle right after this email, but I cannot disclosure my source.

Josh was also backed up by Joe Conway, who authors the famous PL/R extension:

"I would surely love to dump Windows support in PL/R as it is a major league PITA. It is probably an understatement to say that over the last 10+ years, 95+% of the time I have spent maintaining and supporting PL/R has been directly attributable to the Windows port."

However, users from the field acted promptly, looking for alternatives to run PostgreSQL on Windows.

After discussing with other team members, we, as the PostgreSQL YUM repo developers, decided to add Windows support to our RPMs. We contacted Microsoft, and Microsoft kindly provided us a tech preview of the bash environment. After some hacks, here are the results:

$ rpm -ivh postgresql95-libs-9.5.7-1PGDG.Windows2017.x86_64.rpm

command works as expected.

Please stay tuned, until we release all the remaining RPMs for Windows.



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