Over the last few weeks, I spent some time to shuffle the PostgreSQL YUM repo a bit, before 9.6 is released. With the help of Magnus, we also made some changes on the server side, so I will summarize all changes in this post:

- Direct downloads from yum.PostgreSQL.org are now redirected to download.PostgreSQL.org. All RPMs are already being served from download.postgresql.org over the last year, so it is the time to redirect it. Please change your scripts to use download.PostgreSQL.org/pub/repos/yum .

- Starting Sep 25th, yum.PostgreSQL.org started speaking https. I updated all repo packages to point to the new URL for GPG checks. Website will be HTTPS only in near future. Please update repo RPMs!

- Starting Sep 25th, we started keeping only last n-2 minor releases in the repo. This means, when there is new release available, we will delete n-3th one. This is a policy to keep the repo clean. This does not apply for PostgreSQL major releases.

* We started serving delta RPMs for all distros except RHEL 5. This will save great bandwidth.

Please let us know if you have more questions, via mailing list: pgsql-pkg-yum@PostgreSQL.org




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