Postgres Open SV 2018 is less than two weeks away now, and I'll speak there as well.

Many people, including me, are flying overseas to attend this great conference, so please hurry up and register before the tickets run out!

Life is hard when there are a lot of talks in parallel, but still I picked up some interesting talks that I want to attend:
Thu 6th:

- Magnus gives awesome talks about the new features in PostgreSQL -- but since I attended that talk at least twice, I may skip this time, and attend Shaun's talk on The Evolution of Postgres High Availability.

- The next session is even harder -- my dear colleague Thomas will present a talk on "Parallelism in PostgreSQL 11", and Craig will talk about "Five data models for sharding and which is right", which is something that I'm also really interested to attend :-( I'm more inclined on Thomas' talk, but we'll see.

- In the next round, I'll probably attend Grant McAlister's talk on HOT. Alternative talk: Scott Milliken's talk on migrations.

- 4th session will be Peter's talk on "Bloat in PostgreSQL".

- The final session (before the lightning talks...) will be either Baron Schwartz's talk on "How to Monitor your Database?", or David Kohn's talk on TimescaleDB.

That sums the first day.

- The second day, I'll probably attend " Crashing Postgres for Fun and Laughs", by Brian Faherty. The talk outline seems awesome :-)

- After the coffee break, I'll probably attend Andrew's talk, because it is Andrew's talk :-) Alternatively, Paul will give a very interesting talk on "How to write Spatial SQL".

- Before lunch, I'll attend Andres' talk on JIT. I attended that talk almost twice, but each time I learn new things.

- After the lunch, I'll attend Özgün's talk on "How PostgreSQL Extension APIs are Changing the Face of Relational Databases".

- After that one, I'll attend Christophe's talk -- I love his talks, independent of the topic :-)

- The final talk is my favourite talk among all other talks: Myself ( ;-) ) will speak about WAL. I'll make sure that I'll be there :-)

These are my picks.

Again, please register to this great conference. You can't wait until next year!

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